Front of House Manager Application
Overall job description: The theater Front of the House Manager is responsible to the PACT Board. Day-to-Day supervision will be provided by the board members. The Front of the House Manager will ensure the smooth functioning of the “off-stage” operations of the PACT. These include:

A. Maintain an overall theater calendar for performances, event and other activities. This will include coordination with PAISD and Parks and Recreation to plan uses of the theater for the student development and broadening experiences to the theater arts in Port Aransas, including activities for Winter Texans and summertime experiences for summer visitors.

B. Report to board member responsible for the facility maintenance that the facility is in working order, safe and clean. This includes reporting malfunctioning items so that service personnel can be called. Be available to unlock the building for service and cleaning personnel.

C. Ensure that the theater is clean, free of debris and that all items including props and costumes are neatly stored and organized.

D. Coordinate with the board member responsible for building maintenance to ensure the theater is cleaned by the contracted cleaning crew.

E. Help coordinate with the Volunteer Coordinator and the board member who oversees volunteers that volunteers are scheduled for performances, cleaning days, set and costume creation and any other time that volunteer help is needed. Help coordinate training for said volunteers.

F. Coordinate with the financial board member on ordering and purchasing inventory for operations, including office, cleaning, and performance related supplies. Order and organize concession supplies and help organize, store and maintain an inventory list.

G. Be available to deliver and pickup ads, playbills and other marketing items in coordination with the board member in charge of marketing.

H. Assist with planning the Annual Meeting and voting process as well as helping with coordination of the Sandy Awards.

I. Check and answer voice mails.

Key knowledge, skills and abilities:

a. Effective communicator and ability to work with the PACT Board and Team.

b. Effective skills in record keeping, budgeting and financial management.

c. Enthusiastic and friendly personality.

d. Organized and able to multi-task and be a self-starter.

e. Ability to manage reasonable physical activities, stand for periods of times, lift up to 50 pounds and assist in various physical tasks.

f. Have a valid Texas driver's license and reliable transportation.

g. Have a background check.

h. Willingness to work a flexible schedule including some evenings. Realizing that some weeks may require more time and others may not require much time at all.

Compensation: As a contract worker, will receive a monthly check of not more than $750.

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