Bike Rave
It's 2021, Bike Rave happened on Aug 21st!
You can still use this sign up to stay in the loop for any future rides.

It's a pandemic. Other rides have done registrations to help make riding safer, it makes sense, so we're following suit. There are also regulations to consider, so we're doing our best to keep everyone a) safer & b) informed. If you want to get ride details, volunteer or share song requests read on!

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Safety matters. *
We take the safety of you, your loved ones & your world seriously. This is not a trick question, just let us know your thoughts about safety precautions.
Zero importance. Everyone can do what they want.
Safety is essential. Everyone needs to do their part.
Volunteers rock. They keep us safer, bring, capture & maintain the magic! Without people stepping up, rides don't happen. Want to get involved? Let us know how you'd like to help!
No obligation required & you can always opt out or in later.
I'm expected to bring & will wear my own mask. We owe it to each other to make the ride safer for all involved regardless of vaccination status. *
Let's all just do the right thing so more people can participate. :)
I'm happy to share this event with those I want around, but I'll point them to this form so we're all playing by the same rules, share the same expectations & receive all the same info. *
Signed up means you get all the right info. Meetup details, plans, you know, the essentials! :)
We won't be selling glow sticks this year in an attempt to cut down on waste. We encourage you to bring your own battery powered lights for your bikes & selves. That means we don't have a way to generate revenue to cover expenses, so we're asking for your help. We encourage a sliding scale of one hours worth of your earnings at whatever employment you might have. If you can contribute more, great! No one will be turned away for not contributing. Contactless options will be available & encouraged & we'll share those soon. *
No obligations here, we're just trying to gauge what's possible based on responses.
Reducing risk of transmission of Covid-19 is important. If I've been away & am subject to self-quarantine, I'll stay away from the ride. If I've tested positive for or display symptons of Covid-19, I'll stay away from the ride. If I take part in the ride & subsequently test positive, I'll self report so that contact tracing can occur as determined by health professionals. I'm all for taking reasonable precautions to reduce risk of transmission & will do my part to help keep everyone safer. *
By participating in the ride, I'm solely responsible for my own health & safety at all times. Riding on streets, around streetcar tracks & dark paths might happen & everything carries a certain amount of risk. I'm solely responsible for myself, but will also make efforts to be safe & protect those around me. *
Have a specific genre or songs you're hoping to hear? Feel free to give us a few of your faves (artist & title is best!) & we'll try (no guarantees) to figure out a way to weave them into the mix! Remember, to keep it dancey-dance friendly! You can send us some faves at a later date too, so no worries about filling this in right now. We'll go wide with electronic genres, so feel free to share!
Since there's 'rave' in the name, we plan to cover many different sounds & genres, so expect that tempo to change up throughout the night! Try to think upbeat & fun! <requests made after Aug 16 are likely not going to make it into the main mix, but we'll still try to include as many as possible!>
Tell us your thoughts! Questions, comments, concerns below!
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