Grabity BSC Migration Request Form 📝
We at Grabity foundation are excited to announce the migration of Grabity (GBT) to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)! With the upcoming launch of the Grabity DeFi, our team has decided that the optimal way to provide our holders with the best DeFi experience is to migrate the existing ERC-20 GBT tokens to BEP-20 GBT tokens. Please fill out this form after sending your GBT tokens to the designated address below to complete your migration.

Grabity Foundation will distribute migrated BEP-20 GBT tokens on the first day of the following month to the address from which you have sent your ERC-20 GBT tokens. (ex: If you request a migration on July 5th, you will receive your tokens on August 1st. Similarly, if you request a migration on June 28th, you will receive your tokens on July 1st.)

Before you proceed, please carefully review the information below!

📬 Ethereum Address to Send Your ERC-20 GBT Tokens: 0x0298a4027a8d93Cfe462F8B73aB532920f8C674F

ğŸ’Ž ERC-20 GBT Contract Address: 0x30634241d3A7FbCea55f0Ba7dF42dFD8CDd8B2Cd

🔶 BEP-20 GBT Contract Address: 0xa4b0574D8634B9514e89174c67400F5F947d1dd1

✅ Migration Ratio: 1 ERC-20 GBT = 1 BEP-20 GBT

⚠️ Migration Deadline: December 31, 2021

🚨 Only use a decentralized wallet to send your ERC-20 GBT tokens. Your BEP-20 tokens will be lost if you send your ERC-20 GBT tokens directly from an exchange wallet.

📓 Check out our medium post for more information:
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Your Ethereum Wallet Address *
Your Ethereum wallet address from which you have sent your ERC-20 GBT tokens.
Etherscan TXID *
TXID of the ERC-20 GBT token transfer from your address to our designated Ethereum wallet address.
Your Email Address *
Notice *
Please note that sending ERC-20 GBT tokens from an exchange or to a wrong Ethereum address will result in failure of migration and loss of tokens. Also, be aware that you will receive migrated BEP-20 GBT tokens on the 1st day of the following month. It is your own responsibility to carefully review the migration guideline and follow each step accordingly. Grabity Foundation will be exempt from liability of any damage that occurs from transactions errors caused by the applicant or the Ethereum Network.
Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement *
Grabity Foundation will collect and use your personal information for the migration process. Personal information items to be collected by Grabity Foundation are your Ethereum wallet address and your email. Grabity Foundation reserves the right to use the collected information for the following purposes: verifying your ERC-20 GBT transaction, sending your migrated BEP-20 GBT, and sending confirmation emails to your address. Grabity Foundation will delete your personal information immediately after the purposes of its collection and use have been achieved without delay.
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