Recording Dundee's Experience of Coronavirus
This survey is conducted by Dundee Libraries' Local History Centre as a way of collecting social history information during these unprecedented times. We would like to hear about you and your families' experiences during this time - how it affects you, how it is it changing your life at work and at home, and how you think it will affect life in the future. You can tell us as much or as little as you like.

Your responses will be maintained by the library and may be shared or publicly consulted in the future. You can complete this as an anonymous contributor, or use your real name or a nickname.

Please note this survey is for historical purposes only. To find information about how Coronavirus is affecting council services in your area, and to find out what help is available, please visit
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How old are you?
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Are you employed? If so, what is your job?
When did you first notice the pandemic affecting your daily life?
What is a typical day like for you during the 2020 pandemic?
How has the virus affected your work or education? (For example, are you working from home, home schooling, or a key worker?)
Do you live with other people? How have their lives changed, and how has this affected your family or household as a whole?
How are you keeping in touch with friends and family outside of your household?
What have been the biggest changes for you? Let us know what you miss about normal life, and if you have found any hidden benefits.
What hobbies and entertainment do you have at the moment?
Has the pandemic changed the way you plan and cook meals, or the foods you and your family eat?
How do you think these experiences will affect you and your community in the future?
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