Get Loud Teaching Artist Application 2021
- Experience centering QTIBIPOC+ Social Justice Advocacy and/or Mental Health Issues and Awareness through Visual Art, Spoken Word/Poetry

- You will be asked to provide 3-4 lesson plans and samples of your own work

- Classroom or workshop facilitator experience preferred, but not required

- Must be 18+

- Deadline: Ongoing

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Please list any accommodations you would need to facilitate your workshops (ASL interpreter, materials etc.).
Please choose the size of group you are comfortable leading: *
If chosen for our 2021 calendar year, can Get Loud list you on our website as a teaching artist? *This will not exclude you from selection*
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In addition to receiving a $50 minimum per workshop, list how else we can support you in your commitment to this program (food vouchers, coffee, artist materials, etc.):
Workshop Proposals Submission *Required*
- Email 3-4 workshop proposals you would lead for our program (PDF or DOC)

- Provide links to your previous work

Subject Line: Proposal Submission

What to expect
- You will receive an email confirming we retrieved your application and proposals

- Expect an email from us within a week of your submission with our decision

- If chosen, you will have an opportunity to connect with the team for an orientation

- All workshops will have an observer from the team

- Workshops will be held via zoom with closed captioning
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