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Thank you for your interest in my coaching and advisory services.

I work with women to be more confident, whether you're returning to work after maternity leave, or are wanting to get rid of your imposter syndrome, and/or are stepping into a leadership role/ been promoted and you want my support. 

I specialise in enabling women, just like you, to overcome internal and external barriers so that you can be confident, fulfilled and live the life you're looking for, whether that's getting to a pilates weekly class for time just for you, or breaking through the next stage of your career.

I also provide bespoke/ad-hoc support on things like negotiating (or re-negotiating flexible work or pay rises) and preparing for job interviews or significant presentations or speeches.

My clients say that I am their "secret weapon" to becoming the most confident version in themselves and in turn, they are able to achieve career breakthroughs, promotions, payrises and are happier with improved wellbeing and sense of self. I often help them to overcome Imposter Syndrome. 

You can based in any country to complete this programme as it is conducted via Zoom with monthly sessions. I currently have clients in the UK, Australia and US.

I am a qualified coach, have been published in the media on women's career issues including top-rating podcasts in the UK, am award-winning communications specialist and CEO Advisor.

Please note if you cancel, you are unable to re-book due to demand. If you need to reschedule, please provide 48hrs notice.

If you have have questions you can contact me:
+44 (0) 7367073984
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