ACM CCS 2022 PC Nomination Form
Use this form to nominate someone (including yourself) to be part of the ACM CCS 2022 Program Committee.
Question marked with (*) are mandatory.

We are looking for PC members who are committed to producing constructive, timely, high-quality reviews, interact with authors in the interactive rebuttal phases, and are interested in contributing to an ethical and supportive peer-review culture.

ACM CCS 2022 will have two review cycles. Keep in mind that your PC commitment will run through the majority of the year. This is a big commitment, and we expect you to stay engaged throughout the entire period. Besides the reviewing, we expect you to block out time during the interactive rebuttal periods (of both review cycles) to interact with the authors.

Tentative dates:
Cycle 1: submission deadline Jan 14th 2022, interactive rebuttal phase: Feb 25 -- March 7.
Cycle 2: submission deadline May 2nd 2022, interactive rebuttal phase: June 26 -- July 8.

The ACM CCS 2022 PC Chairs (Elaine Shi & Cas Cremers)

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