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Title: Reading & Tech Warrior Leaders
Reports to: Warrior Coach
Schedule: Mon - Friday 3:50PM – 6:15PM AND Sat 10AM-2PM
Pay: $7.25-$8.25/hour

Warriors will be assigned to a small group of elementary grade children during afterschool time to improve their reading skills, build their reading habits and increase their understanding of and interest in STEM careers.

● Be a role model for the other Warriors and your assigned elementary children
● Lead Reading activities and STEM projects with elementary children
● Lead Reading and STEM demonstrations at Warrior trainings
● Wear your T-shirts when traveling to and from the site, at your site, at trainings and outreach events and at least one day per week in school

● Must be willing to learn STEM and reading activity strategies and demonstrate that learning through earning badges
● Must value education, reading and STEM and be willing to share that passion
● Must be willing to participate in extensive professional development principally on Fridays and Saturdays
● Must be able to travel independently to your assigned program sites in various parts of the city (all sites are accessible by public transportation and bus passes are provided)
● Must be ready to accept the responsibility of mentoring younger children and providing leadership to other Warriors

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