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Thanks so much for sharing your important information with me to help assist in treating you holistically. All that you share will remain confidential and used only for my records. Please take your time with each question and be honest for the best results. Thank you. -Neko
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Time and place if you wish to incorporate your astrological chart as part of the herbal integrated body system treatment plan.
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Please list any medications, vitamins, herbs or supplements you take or have taken in past and for how long: *
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Cramps/Pain? If so what do you do to relieve pain? *
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Describe four of the best times in your life... *
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If today were the day that you could sit under a wish fulfilling tree and have any one wish you wanted, just for you, what would you wish for? *
What do you want to see, think and feel differently about your life in the next two months? *
What do you imagine your life looking like for you to be able to say, " I am completely fulfilled."?
What would you like to be, have, or do differently by the completion of our work together?
Are you willing to commit to your own wellness with Neko over the next 6 weeks?
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