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Greetings, Educators. Please see the questions below to provide your responses and feedback. We appreciate your genuine and thoughtful answers.
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Do you use Google Classroom?
If yes, do you find that MYcaert materials are easily used within Google Classroom?
What component(s) of MYcaert do you use most?
What library within MYcaert do you use most?
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My Community- are you aware of the MyCommunity function?
Have you contributed to MyCommunity?
If yes, how?
Would you use Podcasts that cover teaching strategies for the lessons?
Would you use Podcasts that are a recording of an E-Unit for your students to listen to?
Considering the libraries you utilize now, what library or libraries do you think need to be revised?
Ag Power, Structural & Technical Systems and AFNR left out intentionally as they were revised within the last two years.
What lesson/unit topics would you like to see added?
Please provide all information you would like to see. For example, "Agriculture in Florida- State specific crops and livestock, and unique facts about the agriculture industry within Florida".
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What would you like to see MYcaert add/change in the future?
Please provide suggestions that you feel would be most beneficial to all teachers.
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Do you have any other general feedback or comments?
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