2019 Spring Bike Team Challenge

Team Size: 4 People that can include parents, siblings, teachers and classmates. You can have a two or three person team but you will be at a disadvantage to full teams. You can use your same team from the last years challenge.

Challenge Period: May 1-May 31st.

The team with the most combined points wins. You get get one point for every weekday plus 1/4 point for every mile.
Each team member needs a Zap tag. Make sure you zap-in at least one time during the day. The Zap machine mounted to the bike shed by the main entrance. If you need a Zap tag, you can get one from Linda in the office or from the cocoa table on Fridays.

Prizes: The top team will win their own t-shirt. 2nd and 3rd prized teams will win bike swag!
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All team members have parents/guardians permission to bike to school and participate in this challenge. I understand that photos taken during the challenge may be used to promote future activities and to recognize teams and individuals participating in this challenge. *
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