New Day Staff Application/RSVP 2018
Please fill out this form to tell us which camp events you will be attending, along with the role(s) you would like at that event.
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(e.g., "I can't come up until late evening on Friday, because of work"; "I have a friend so-and-so who will be sending in an application, also!"; etc.)
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FOR SUMMER WEEK: Which role(s) would you like?
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If: (1) you are new; (2) you have never filled out the Counselor Information Form (it asks for personal info, medical info, etc); OR (3) ANYTHING HAS CHANGED (INCLUDING MEDICAL INSURANCE INFORMATION), you must click on the link on the next page and fill out a Counselor Information Form. Cool? *
ALL COUNSELORS need to click on the link on the next page fill out: (1) Publicity/Permission Form, and (2) Background Check Form. Cool? *
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