Solar Cooker Adoption and Impact, Part 2: Post Distribution Questions
Survey Purpose: Measure solar cooking use and impact

This survey is designed to standardize data collection regarding the adoption and impact of solar cookers.  This survey should be used by anyone who distributes solar cookers.
This survey is intended for gathering a) baseline data and b) post-distribution data, to build an evidence base from solar cooking projects.
This survey was created by a working group established at the 5th SCI World Conference in 2014. The group was led by SCI and included many global solar cooking experts who met regularly for more than a year to create and refine this survey.
This survey has two parts and is intended for collecting before-and-after data for measuring the impact of solar cooker usage. Post Distribution Questions (below) are to be asked after cooks have at least 6 months of experience solar cooking.
Please share the results with Solar Cookers International (SCI).  Using this form "as is" will automatically share results with Solar Cookers International (SCI).

SCI recommends follow-up and training – as needed and in addition to conducting these surveys.  This helps the new solar cooks feel more comfortable and confident solar cooking before the post-distribution questions are asked.
All required questions from these surveys should be asked/answered and the questions should be kept as they are, and not modified, aside from being translated into local languages. Maintaining consistent questions and answer format among projects helps when combining evidence-based results from several projects to calculate the global impact of solar cooking (such as here).  This helps track progress and garner support for the whole solar cooking sector.
There are core (required) and supplemental questions.  Core questions are marked with an *.  Core questions should be asked for every project.  Supplemental questions can be asked based on each project’s evaluation capabilities and needs.  
It is recommended to gather post-distribution responses one year after solar cookers have been distributed.  If data can be collected more frequently (6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, etc. after distribution) that is preferred.  Consider the expected lifetime of the solar cooker and gathering responses at the end of the dry season.
Give survey takers direction and tools to convert commonly used fuel amounts into kilograms.  
Make sure surveyors understand definitions for type and model, maintenance, modification, pot and weather suitability prior to asking questions.
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For the Surveyor to Answer
Please take one or more photos of the solar cooker and link photos to the cook.
What date and time is it now?
What is your location?
City, Country and GPS coordinates if possible.
What is the name of your organization?
What is the cook's gender?
Clear selection
What type of solar cooker do they have? *
What specific model solar cooker is it?
(for example a CooKit, Sun Oven, or Sol Source)
Is the pot suitable for solar cooking?
Yes if the pot is black, metal, and has a lid.
Clear selection
Is the solar cooker well maintained?
Yes if it is clean and any broken parts are fixed
Clear selection
Has the solar cooker been modified from its original condition?
Clear selection
If yes, how has it been modified?
Was the solar cooker in use when you arrived?
Clear selection
Was the weather suitable for solar cooking?
Yes if sunny
Clear selection
Please take one or more photos of the solar cooker and link photos to the person surveyed.
For the cook to answer
What is your name?
Title, Given Name, Family Name
Can I see your solar cooker?
How many people do you cook for?
Including yourself
How many are elderly?
(grandparents generation)
How many are children?
What types of food do you cook?
What temperature(s) are they cooked at?
Please mark all that apply
How many times per week do you cook in your solar cooker? *
Would you recommend it to a friend? *
Why or why not? *
How many months have you had your solar cooker? *
Did you contribute something (money, goods, work) for your solar cooker? *
If yes, how much of what?
Please include currency or other unit, such as for time
Did you receive training on how to use this technology?
Clear selection
Can you get your solar cooker repaired within your community?
Clear selection
How many dishes do you cook at one time? *
What other cooking devices do you use? *
(including retained-heat cookers)
What fuels do you use? *
Please mark all that apply.
How much fuel (quantity) do you use per week that you do not pay cash money for? (Kilograms).   *
List each type of fuel you use, such as: X kg wood; Y kg charcoal…
How many hours a week do you spend gathering fuel?
How much fuel did you use (quantity) per week that you pay cash money for? (Kilograms). *
List each type of fuel you use, such as: X kg wood; Y kg charcoal…
How much money (monetary) did you save on fuel per week? (include currency) *
Since you have had a solar cooker, do you feel that you use
Clear selection
Clear form
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