EPSF Board Member Application
Please fill out the following information to apply to be an EPSF board member. Thank you for your interest!

All elected board members will be required to sign the board member agreement. We also encourage you to research the role of a board member by visiting www.BoardSource.org


As a board member of Edmond Public Schools Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “Corporation”). I am fully committed and dedicated to the purpose of the Corporation and have pledged to carry out such purpose. I understand that my duties and responsibilities include the following:

1. I understand my legal responsibilities are to make good faith decisions (a duty of care); to be true to the purpose of the organization (a duty of obedience); and, to act in the best interest of the Corporation (a duty of loyalty).
2. I am responsible for the oversight and implementation of the Bylaws and policies of the Corporation.
3. I will take an active part in reviewing, approving, and monitoring the budget.
4. I will make an annual personal financial contribution to the Corporation and/or financial support for a Corporation fundraising event or will acknowledge that my lack of giving will affect the fundraising abilities of the Corporation and therefore understand that I will be deemed to automatically have resigned and will cease being a member of the Board.
5. I will attend board meetings and be available for phone consultations.
6. I will read all consent agenda documentation prior to meetings.
7. I will maintain the confidentially of information received through my service at the Corporation and will sign the Confidentiality Statement per the Governance Policies.
8. I will adhere to the policies of the Corporation and I acknowledge that I have received, read, will follow such policies and will execute the Policy Confirmation Statement per the Governance Policies. I understand the policies and their necessity to the tax-exempt status of the Corporation.
9. I will take an active part to ensure the Corporation is not being utilized to promote, advertise, market, sell or distribute intellectual property, goods or services which would lead to any form of private benefit to any member of the board or other individual.
10. I will volunteer to be a member of at least one committee.
11. If I am unable to meet my obligations as a board member, I will offer my resignation.

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