Tyringham Arts Festival Workshop or Performance Proposal
This community-based arts festival is a collective celebration of Tyringham's Visual, Artisanal, Musical, Literary, & Performing Artists. Your participation is voluntary.

The expectations for your proposal include your being fully in charge of the material, schedules, rehearsals and finding co-participants, e.g. musicians, actors, readers, directors, etc. I am able to help you identify folks who could be potential participants in your workshop or performance. My role is also to give you a space for your project, a time slot and any funds to cover expenses. This could include copies, art materials, etc.

Please know that I would be happy to speak with you about your vision for your workshop or performance and help you make an actionable plan. I realize the planning part can be daunting for some. I can talk your idea through with you so you can execute it independently.

If your workshop or performance requires purchased materials please contact anngallo@ubutheater.org.

By filling out this form you are committing to executing this workshop or performance.

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