Equity, Anti-oppression and Meaningful Inclusion Practice for Arts & Cultural Organizations
Please use this form to register for the upcoming workshops presented through the generous support of TD Bank, in collaboration with B Current Performing Arts. PLEASE NOTE: We will inform organizations selected for participation on July 10th.

With the generous support of TD Bank, B Current is pleased to offer two sets of workshops for emerging and established contemporary arts and cultural institutions, collectives and educational spaces. These fully sponsored workshops enable organizations to explore larger questions surrounding social justice as well as tangible practices and policy implications for meeting equity goals. Each set of three workshops offers a diverse range of learnings and applications.

Please register here. Participating organizations must be able to attend all events in the series ( you may send different staff to each session).


Organizations may send up to 4 staff for each session.

Equity, Meaningful Inclusion and Anti-oppressive Practices for Emerging Arts Organizations

Session 1 Anti-oppression for Artists & Cultural Producers
JULY 22ND,, 2019

This workshop for artists explores the language, theories and practices of anti-oppression in depth. Institutional, community based and organizational strategies for building equity and unlearning oppression are central to the content and objectives of the workshop. Creative, technical and collaborative models for building equity and liberation will be explored. Group activities, case studies and discussion are critical tools to apply the learnings of this workshop. Artists will examine the power dynamics that shape access, inclusion and opportunities in Canada’s arts and cultural landscape. The anti-oppression framework will be used to critique institutional dynamics as well as personal artistic practices. Participants will have access to a plethora of digital and print resources to continue their learning journey beyond the scope of the session.

No prerequisite

Session 2 Radical Self-care & the Work of Justice
OCTOBER 30TH, 2019

This workshop explores sustainable strategies for self reflection, self accountability and interpersonal skills to equip organizers, front line staff and facilitators with the skills necessary to navigate difficult spaces and conversations. Using the anti-oppressive framework, and rooted in an understanding intersectionality as the core practice of liberation, this session explores interpersonal allyship, self teaching and growth as well as collaborative transformative justice practices. The workshop will equip participants with more tools to process the emotional and intellectual labour of organizing for social justice in a myriad of spaces and to transverse the contentious conversations, conflicts and harms stemming from engaging in radical liberation and decolonizing work. Participants will explore a number of principles and practices for community accountability, mediation and self empathy.

No prerequisite

Session 3 Conflict Resolution & Empathetic Communication

This workshop focuses on practical applications and understandings of conflict resolution strategies and interventions. The workshop explores empathetic listening, de-escalation and discussion tactics to resolve conflict in a productive way. Contextualizing the session are frameworks and insights into how conflict manifests, why we are socialized to avoid it and how to pivot our understandings of conflict from destructive to constructive. This session is ideal for individuals in leadership, people management, frontline/front of house and community relations roles.

No prerequisite.

Equity, Meaningful Inclusion and Anti-oppressive Practices for Contemporary Arts Institutions

Session 1 Anti-oppression for Contemporary Arts Institutions
AUGUST 26 , 2019

This is an interactive workshop that engages participants in different places in their equity learning journeys develop new insights and strategies towards learning inclusion and unlearning oppression as it pertains to Canada’s arts and cultural landscape. We will examine historical contexts, personal narratives, power structures and systems that shape inequity in our world as well as how these systems manifest inside our relationship with ourselves, our interpersonal connections, in our work spaces as well as systemic manifestations and barriers. We’ll also take a look at how we heal from the trauma of exclusion and inequity and learn tactics for leveraging our privileges to imagine and actualize a meaningfully inclusive organization and on a larger scale, world. Participants will reflect on learnings in the context of the dynamics inside the workspace and in their personal lives. Community stakeholders and artists engaged with the institution will be explored as key points for building inclusion. Participants will explore organizational models for meaningful inclusion, anti-oppression and intersectional anti-racism. Case studies and applications to address inequity in funding, curation, adjudication and arts training will be examined. Participants will reflect on process, policy and practice as means for addressing institutional oppressions. On a larger scale, participants will be invited to explore the role of contemporary arts institutions, initiatives and funders in shaping Canada’s national identity and our understanding of justice beyond representation.

No prerequisite.

Session 2 Strategic Planning: Anti-oppressive Practice For Boards & Advisory Bodies

This workshop explores practices, strategies and evaluation frameworks to guide boards, leadership teams and advisory bodies towards measurable, goal oriented long term planning with regards to equity, meaningful inclusion and anti-oppressive practices. Community engagement, resource development, talent and consultations are key elements of the workshop. The workshops will also explore themes related to the language and frameworks of anti-oppression, exploring its interpersonal and institutional manifestations. A variety of reflection and planning exercises and tools are interwoven into the session. The workshop uses a variety of teaching styles and tools to engage a variety of learners.

Prerequisite: Anti-oppression for Contemporary Arts Institutions

Session 3 Courageous Conversations & Empathy in Communications

This workshop explores engaging in difficult conversations in empathetic, meaningful and impactful ways. The session uses the anti-oppression framework to explore strategies to resolve conflict and build allyship. The session uses World Cafe facilitation methodology through participant led modules as well as facilitator led exercises. Participants will learn skills around initiating a difficult conversation, ending a difficult conversation and moving through conflict and discomfort. Empathy in communications is a core anti-oppression value anchoring this workshop, through an understanding of empathy and its critical role in fostering fruitful discussions, participants will gain applicable skills in conflict resolution and emotional literacy. This session is beneficial for individuals in leadership, management and community engagement roles.
No prerequisite

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