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LIBERTY ARTS POLICY FORM. Please read the information below, sign and date.

Dear Parent,
Thank you for your interest in Liberty Arts Theatre Academy. We are a Speech, Acting and Drama Academy based on the Central Coast in NSW.

Following are the guidelines for Liberty Arts members.
To ensure your children have a great time with us and are learning in a safe and positive environment, we have listed the below policies.

Creativity and Collaboration
To provide our classes with a safe space for creativity and development, we have zero tolerance for bullying. No-one should feel vulnerable or excluded by others. Anyone bullying in a physical, verbal, threatening or neglectful manner, will be asked to leave. There is a collective responsibility to ensure child protection for all. This provides security and strength to our team. If a child has been asked to leave the room for disruptive behaviour, we will discuss the matter with the parent. If this happens three times, the child will be asked to leave.

Drop off / Pick up:
Please can students head straight to the drama collection point, as advised by the junior school teacher, a few minutes before class is due to start so that you can gain the full 30 minute / hour, of the lesson. Lesson time lost due to late arrival will not be made up. Parents and family are not permitted to enter the classroom unless invited to a performance. This is due to safeguarding procedure and to ensure your children gain the best creative exploration from their lessons. Liberty Arts staff are not responsible for looking after unaccompanied children before or after their lesson/performances. We understand that it is not always easy to be on time as life (and traffic!) can hold us back, and so our staff will wait with students for up to 15 minutes after class. However, if lateness is a regular occurrence, you may be asked to leave. Please respect that our staff often have other work, classes and family responsibilities to attend to. Students are required to sign out with a member of the Liberty Arts staff before leaving class to ensure their safety. Any student going to after school care must notify a member of staff.

Payments will be taken via direct debit out of your nominated account or credit card on a weekly or fortnightly basis, or paid in full by invoice per semester. Your payments will normally be in line with either a 9-week term or 18-week school semester. This is because we work towards a performance piece for the end of each semester or you may begin at the start of a final term. Your payments will be stopped over the school holidays. No refunds are available should you leave before the end of the term or semester as agreed with Liberty Arts.

By signing this form you agree to pay for classes before the date of the first lesson your child attends. Any late payments will incur a fee of $5 per week, per late payment.

Our nominated direct debit system provider will contact you if payments are missed and chase any outstanding payments right through to debt consolidation in worst-case scenario.

Missed Lessons:
There are no makeup lessons offered for missed lessons. The teacher’s time and room is hired exclusively for those classes. For this reason, if any lessons are missed due to sickness or something else coming up you will still be charged for that lesson.

If your teacher takes a holiday they will arrange a guest tutor for that week.
If your tutor is sick they will arrange a guest tutor.
If this cannot be arranged, we will refund your lesson.

Cancellation of lessons:
By joining us, you are signing up for weekly lessons throughout the semester. If after 14 weeks upon joining us, you have to leave us, please give us 30 days notice in writing, by email, to This will apply to anyone who is asked to leave for bullying or disruptive behaviour.
Non-attendance is not considered cancellation of lessons.

Photography/ Social Media posts
We sometimes take the chance to shout about the success of our talented students!
By agreeing to our policy, you are also giving permission to use a photo of you / your child on our social media websites. If this does not sit well with you, please state below.

Please sign and date below to state you have read and agree to all of the above

We look forward to getting started!

We sometimes take the chance to shout about the success of our talented students! By agreeing to our policy, you are also giving permission to use a photo of you / your child on our social media websites. Do you give permission for photographs to be used? *
Signature: (Name)I have read and agree to all of the above policy. *
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Date Signed: *
Thank you
We shall be in touch shortly regarding your payment options. Please note that enrolment is complete only when invoice payment has been made or you have signed up to the direct debit system.
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