Wilderness First Aid Registration
Thanks so much for signing up for SOLO’s Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course brought to you by Nuestra Tierra & Friends of Organ Mountains. This is an intensive, experiential course that will go from 8 AM to 5 PM two days in a row. We’ll be in the classroom approximately half of that time and outside the other half, regardless of the weather.

This course is being offered at a discounted rate to allow participants from different skill sets, experiences, and income levels in Las Cruces to build their wilderness skills.

Please dress appropriately and come mentally and physically prepared! We will be using moulage and stage blood to simulate injuries. These may stain clothes, so be sure to wear only things that you don’t mind getting stained or dirty.

Please being a lunch each day. We will have a lunchbreak, but there may not be enough time to run out and pick something up depending on the location.

In addition, please make sure you bring the following:
 sleeping pad
 walking stick, ski pole, canoe paddle, or other long, rigid element
 extra clothes to use for creating splints
 watch with a second hand, stopwatch, or phone with stopwatch
 baseball cap
 water & snacks
 pen or pencil
 notebook
 at least three bandannas

Please arrive on time. This is a certification course and in order to receive the certification, you will need to be present for the entire duration.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Jeff at debellis.jeff@gmail.com.
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