Taki Hills!!!! (Unit 3 - Forms of Energy Review Breakout!)
You have always dreamt of going to the Food Museum Roller Coaster Park and finally YOU ARE HERE!!

The BEST roller coaster in the entire park is TAKI HILLS!

You and your best friend run towards the entrance of the ride as fast as you possibly can!
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What form of energy are you and your best friend using in order to run towards Taki Hills? *
After a 15 minute wait on line, you finally are seated on the purple colored "Fuego" roller coaster cart right next to your best friend. As the roller coaster starts to roll, the wheels of the coaster slide against the track. This causes friction and little sparks appear under your seat. "Boy is that hot! Gotta love Takis!" you friend says. What kind of energy is formed between the wheels and track of the Taki roller coaster if heat is being produced? *
The Taki Roller Coaster glides your cart super fast up towards the sky! Ouch! The sun is in your eyes and it takes so much power not to close your eyes! What form of energy is coming off of the sun and into your eyes in the form of UV light? *
As you squint into the sun, you feel as though you can almost see movement taking place! That is because tiny particles are moving inside the sun! The sun is gets enormous amount of energy as hydrogen nuclei join together to form helium nuclei. What kind of nuclear energy is taking place if nuclei are joining together? *
As you scream at the top of your lungs you realize that you have officially reached the top of the highest hill on the entire roller coaster. This is the point that the cart has the 100% .... *
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