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Thank you for inteseted in adopting our kitten, please fill up the following informations.
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9. What's your monthly budget spending on the cat? This question is asking about how much u can/prepare to spend on your cat per month. Researching before u own a cat is very necessary. *
10. How did you hear about us? *
11. Why did you choose Ragdoll breed? *
12. Have you have any cat or pet before? Tell me some. *
13. Do you know what is declawed? Do you want to declaw your kitten? If you do, tell me the reason. *
14. Do you have provision in your will for your cats? If not, what will happen to your cats if you or your family can no longer take care of your cats for reasons of health, ability to move, mental abilities etc. *
15. What will happen if you no longer can keep the cat? Give all possible scenarios you can come up with. *
16. Can you introduce yourself a little bit? Like who do you live with? Any children? Who will be the primary care giver of kitten? Who does housework and are you aware that Ragdoll cats shed minimally but still shed? *
17. Do you live alone? *
18. Do you have roommate(s)? *
19. Ragdoll is not a low-allergic breed like Siberian. Do you have allergy on cat? *
20. Does anyone living in the home allergic to cats? *
21. Do you smoke? *
22. Anyone in your home smoke? *
23.Do you own or rent? If renting, have you spoke with the landlord about adopting a pet? If is an apartment in a building, is pet friendly or not? *
24. How many hours will the kitten be left alone? *
25. Will you allow a cat roam freely outdoors? *
26. Do you have any other pets in your home? Or are you/roommate(s) going to get another pet besides the cat/kitten from us? Please tell us a little bit about your pet’s age, gender(altered?), personality, diet and vaccinations etc. ? *
27. Do you have a licensed vet set up for your kitten’s checkups? Please provide name and number or hospital name if you have one. *
28. Which quality are you looking for? Breeding rights only available for registered ethical cattery. *
29.Are you looking for male, female or either? *
30. Will you bring you show quality cat to the cat show? We don’t force new owners to bring our show quality cat to show hall, but we do partially refund if they get title(s). *
31. Are you interested in a specific color or pattern? *
32. How soon are you looking for a cat? Are you willing to wait? Our wait list is not free to join. Deposit is non refundable, but is part of the full price. *
33. What kind of foods do you intend to feed your cat? Brand? Type? Plz specific the name. *
34. Will you get pet health insurance for your cat? Or do you have any plan on the funds when your cat needs medical care? *
35. When you go on vacation - what will happen with your cat? *
36. If you have to move to another country, What will happen to your cat? *
37. We are a closed and home based cattery. We dont allow anyone to visit our home to pick or play with our cats/kittens. Do you accept to choose kittens only with photos or videos occationally? *
38. If we need to ship kitten(s) to you, we only do with courier/flight nanny. Do you accept this? Is usually $480 inside USA. International might more expensive. *
39. Will you keep in touch with update pictures? *
40. Preferred contact method *
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