Tour Hosts and Reviewers

My requirements for tour hosts and reviewers are: deliver on time. TJTW Virtual Book Tours has a reputation for delivering on time, being reliable and providing a quality product.

I send out an invite to host an author on tour or review their book. If you’re interested in hosting that author or reviewing their book, reply letting me know. Otherwise, email me letting me know you wish to decline. I’ll add those who choose to accept to the list of hosts/reviewers and remove those who decline from future invites for the same tour.

If you can't make the deadline [after you've agreed to participate in the tour], then please let me know as soon as you know so I can make a substitution. No-shows are an automatic removal from the team if I don't hear from the reviewer or host. It's my goal to establish a reputation for delivering on time, being reliable and providing quality service. Consequently, I keep track of participation by whether someone accepted, declined or failed to respond to an invite. There are no minimum or maximum participation requirements. However, if there's not a response to two invites in a row, I consider the host/reviewer to be inactive. So, please let me know if you'd prefer to decline an invite to participate in a tour.

I also make note of whether someone provides their links or reviews late. Being late to submit the information requested for a tour you've accepted will subsequently make me late in providing it to other participants and the author.

Know someone else who would be a great host or reviewer? Please refer them to fill out the form below as well.

Please submit the form below with the requested information. Be sure to let me know what genres you prefer to host and / or review:

Action Adventure
All Religious Fiction**
All Comedy / Satire
All Contemporary
All Crime
All Erotica
All Fantasy / Sci-Fi
All Fiction
All Historical
All Horror
All Mystery
All Non-Fiction
All Paranormal
All Romance
All Speculative
All Steam Punk
All Thriller / Suspense
All Urban
All Young Adult (YA)
Preferred Sub-Genres (e.g, Historical Fiction, Paranormal Romance (PNR), Erotic Sci-Fi, YA Fantasy, etc.) are for genres for which you only have an interest in certain sub-topics, not the whole genre.

**Religious fiction includes Christian Fiction, Islamic Fiction, Amish Fiction, etc.
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