L.C. Bird High School's See Something Say Something Form

If this is an emergency that requires immediate attention, call 911. Please use this form to report incidents of bullying, harassment, fighting, theft, vandalism, or anything you feel should be reported to L. C. Bird's High School's Administration Team. This account will be monitored ONLY during regular school hours on days when school is in session for students. While the average response time should be within one school day, please be aware that it may take two school days for a school official to contact you.
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By submitting this form I agree that all of the information on the form is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. By submitting this form electronically, I understand that it will be sent or forwarded to the correct administrator. If you would prefer to give this form directly to a building administrator, please make a copy and deliver it. Thank you for your response!
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