Isolated Confinement Reform Questionnaire
Thank you for participating in this questionnaire. Together with Stop Solitary Connecticut, we are committed to writing a bill that reflects the needs and priorities of you and others who have experienced isolated confinement.

- Who’s Asking? -

We are the Lowenstein Clinic for International Human Rights, a group at Yale Law School. We are helping Stop Solitary Connecticut to draft legislation restricting isolation in Connecticut prisons, in support of Stop Solitary’s larger mission to end isolated confinement statewide.

- This Questionnaire -

This questionnaire will ask you to describe your experiences and express your thoughts, as well as to answer some multiple-choice questions. You will be able to edit your response after you submit the form, so if you want to save your work and come back to the questionnaire later you can just click through the form until you get to "submit," submit the form, and make sure to save the URL so you can come back to finish your responses later.

You will see that some questions give you a handful of options and ask you to rank your policy priorities. These rankings are optional, but it is helpful for us to understand your top priorities. This information is useful for two reasons.

First, as we are working to draft the bill with Stop Solitary Connecticut, we are reaching out to many people – on the inside and out – who have experienced isolation. We want the final draft to reflect common goals among the whole group. Knowing your priorities will help us do that.

Second, the legislative process usually requires compromise, especially when an issue is controversial. We are optimistic, but we also expect that some people – for example, the corrections union – will push back. We want to understand your top concerns so that we can make good decisions. For the sake of this questionnaire, we'd like to know both what your ideal bill would include and what's most important to you out of those things. These questions will help us structure the bill in a way that will clearly voice your values, and that has a good chance of being made into a law.

Stop Solitary Connecticut is committed to abolishing isolated confinement in Connecticut prisons. To do this will be difficult and cannot be accomplished by one piece of legislation. Knowing your top concerns will also help the coalition to set its broader strategy. For example, some people might feel like it is most important to shut down Northern, which has extremely inhumane conditions, while others may feel that it’s important to focus on conditions at all prisons. This is just one example of the kinds of choices that the coalition would like to have your ideas about.
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