Intel FutureGen 2020 Application
Thank you for your interest in applying for the Intel FutureGen Programme.

Intel FutureGen will offer successful applicants invaluable experience with unparalleled access to leading industry figures. The initiative will complement the selected winner's degree and is designed to equip them with additional skills.

To apply for the FutureGen programme you need to have a passion for gaming and esports, as well as a case study of an occasion when you have shown leadership during your time at university (this does not have to be related gaming or esports)

This form is broken down into two sections;

Section 1 is basic information about yourself which will not be assessed or passed onto the judging panel; it's there to capture information about the applicant in order to better shape their programme should they be successful in selection.

Section 2 is the official part of the application that will be passed onto the judging panel; please ensure you adhere to the word limits for each category. Applicants who fail to provide both a written case study and video will automatically be removed from the selection process. We urge all applicants to take their time with this process.

The application deadline is the Monday 4th of November at 18:00 GMT. Any applications received after the deadline date will not be considered. We will then announce the winners in December 2019.
Basic Information
This section gives us an idea of who you are and helps us check that you're eligible for the programme. Please note that you will not be assessed on anything you complete in this section.
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We use this as an initial check of your student status, please remember that access to this inbox alone does not make you eligible for the programme and you may be asked for additional verification before being accepted.
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Social Media Handles
What are your preferred pronouns?
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Currently, how clear an idea do you have of what you'd like to do once you finish studying? *
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If confident doing so, please state the area or specific work discipline that interests you
This information helps us tailor the programme to the winners to ensure you get as much value as possible out of it.
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