TNT College Theatre Summer Internship - Student Application
Thank you for your interest in the College Theatre Internship Program! Texas Nonprofit Theatres, Inc. (TNT) is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the theatres of Texas and the communities they serve. TNT, with the support of the Texas Commission on the Arts, sponsors internships to address the needs of theatres for qualified assistance, and the need of students for information about theatre careers and for job opportunities in the field.

Please read the requirements below:


Candidates must be majoring in theatre or theatre management, and must have completed their college SOPHOMORE year by the time the internship begins in May. Graduate students may also apply.

Applicants must be Texas students, or Texas residents in school elsewhere.

Students of every race, religion, gender, and ethnic and economic background are eligible to apply.


Ten weeks beginning in late May, 2018, and ending early August 2018. One day will be spent in the TNT offices in Fort Worth. Following initial work at TNT, interns will have five week residencies at two different theatres - to be named. Please note: the host theatre chooses the intern they want, as opposed to the intern choosing the theatre.


Interns will receive $2,500 for the ten weeks. Lodging will be provided by the host theatres during the residencies. Lodging could consist of an apartment, a room in someone's home, a dorm room, etc.

If you have any questions about this application, please email Preston Isham at or call 817-731-2238.

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