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We, at QA: Challenge Accepted 2022, give an award to people who are passionate, skillful, and willing to contribute to the QA community. Here are the nominees for this year:
Candidate 1: Dimitar Topuzov
Dimitar Topuzov is responsible for enormous positive changes in his company (Progress). He helped seven different teams with technical guidance for building scalable and stable test automation and CI. Dimitar has written thousands of E2E tests, done hundreds of code reviews, and optimized multiple CI pipelines for speed (up to x5 times faster) and stability (aiming for less than 1% flakiness). He has also been a lecturer at many events such as DEV.BG meetups, QA: Challenge Accepted (including the current edition), DevReach, etc. He is also an active participant in the Software Quality Assurance Bulgaria group.
Candidate 2: Kamen Yankov
Kamen Yankov built and developed a core on-prem Automation QA team at SEEBURGER in the last 15 years. He and his team successfully migrated an enormous enterprise product using a comprehensive technological stack. His department members describe him as an Inspirational QA Team Leader with solid teamwork skills. He is a crucial member of the management potential development in the company and a brand ambassador. Kamen strives to develop his team daily and shares his knowledge in many different meetups and events.
Candidate 3: Roumen Zlatev
Roumen Zlatev has been a QA engineer since 2003, working for various companies and projects - product and consulting, both in Bulgaria and other EU countries. Roumen has held technical and managerial positions and is currently Senior QA and Team Facilitator at i:fao. Roumen has been helping dozens of young professionals acquire new skills in software testing as a lecturer at the Skillo IT Academy. He also takes part in various conferences and seminars.
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