Property Registration Form
To be completed by the Landlord of the property
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Landlord /Client details
Personal details of the Landlord wishing to rent out a property.  Please leave fields that are not applicable blank.
Property address  (please include flat number and postcode) *
Title *
Name *
Address (personal) *
Preferred telephone number *
Preferred email address *
Are you an existing client of Arc Property? *
If the property is jointly owned, please give the name, telephone number and email of the co owner.
If your property is registered under a Company Name, please enter the Company Name below:
Company Number
Incorporation date
Landlord registration number. (All landlords are required by law to be certified on the Scottish Landlord Register.  For more information regarding this, please see  If you are not a registered landlord, please discard this form for the time-being and contact us directly.  We can help support your application to enable you to move forward). *
Landlord registration expiry date
Which Local Authority (Local Council) approved your Landlord Registration? *
Please provide your current banking details.  (Please include name of the account holder, name of bank, address of bank, sort code and account number).  This is the account where you wish all monies to be paid. *
Property type *
Council tax band *
Desired rental amount (£) *
Is the property traditional or modern? *
If the property is a flat, which floor is it located on?
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How many bedrooms does the property have? *
Does the property have the following? *
What type of gas meter is at the property? *
What type of electricity meter is at the property? *
Who are the current energy providers at the property?  If you are unsure, please leave this section blank.
Will the property be furnished or unfurnished? *
If the property will be partially furnished, please specify which furniture will be included.
Will you allow pets within the property? (We can ask for an additional deposit should you wish to include pets) *
Is the property tenanted or empty at the moment? *
If there is already a tenant within the property, what date would you like the property management to commence?
Is there currently a factor managing the communal areas of the property?  If you are unsure of what a factor is, please see for more information.   *
If you answered yes for the factor, please give details of who they are and whats included.
Please confirm if you currently have or do not have the following: (If any certificate has expired or if you are unsure, please leave the box empty. Please do not be concerned if you do not have these at present). *
Does the property have a functional smoke alarm? *
Does the property have a functional carbon monoxide alarm? *
If you would like to make us aware of any appliances that are still under warranty then please let us know in the box below. (For example, if boiler is still under warranty, expiry date etc.)
Are there any maintenance issues that you would like us to be made aware of?
If you have any additional notes, please insert them here.  This could be anything whatsoever that you would like us to know about regarding the property eg.   issues with neighbours, whether you need any additional support in getting the property ready for tenants etc.  
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