Farmington Elementary School: Request to Waive Unexcused Status of Student Absence
~ Must be submitted to the main office at least 5 school days in advance of planned absence~

The school board believes that it is the student's right and responsibility to be in school. Further,
the school board believes that regular school attendance is directly related to success in
academic work, benefits students socially, provides opportunities for important communications between teachers and students and establishes regular habits of dependability important to the future of the student. There is a school board policy that articulates this as its purpose. It encourages regular school attendance and recognizes that class attendance is a joint responsibility to be shared by the student, parent or guardian, teacher, and administrators. Excused absences fall under these categories and YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COMPLETE THIS FORM FOR THE FOLLOWING:

- Family emergencies (serious family illness, injury or death)
- Medical appointments (the school reserves the right to verify)
- Student illness
- School sponsored activities
- Required court appointments
- Absences pre-approved by the administration

The school has the responsibility, under state law, to determine whether an absence is excused, and if not, to take corrective action, including disciplinary consequences. The information provided on this form will be used by the Principal to determine whether a family vacation, college visit, or other typically unexcused absence will be excused.

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