ECHO New Orleans - Young Adult Recommendation Form
Thank you for agreeing to be a reference for one of the young adult applicants to our camp. Your recommendation is very important to the success of our camp and helping us to place our young adults in the best place of service as possible.

This form is confidential and will not be shared with the applicant. We invite you to pray and give us your honest thoughts so that we may better serve these awesome men and women of inestimable worth!

Name of Young Adult Applicant:
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Relationship to Applicant:
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How long have you known the Applicant?
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Based off of your knowledge of the applicant, what are some of his/her particular gifts and talents?
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What would you say are some of his/her greatest strengths?
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Based off of your knowledge of the applicant, what are some of his/her weaknesses?
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How highly would you recommend the applicant to serve at ECHO?
At ECHO, Young Adults have the opportunity to serve on either the Hospitality Team, Mentor Team, or Prayer Team.

Mentors lead a small group during the retreat and help teens unpack and process what they are learning and their overall camp experience.

Hospitality labors to create the different spaces for camp activties throughout the day. They are vital in their service to the success of the camp. They need to be able to work well on a team, receive direction, and and have a gift for welcoming and service.

Prayer team is the backbone of prayer for the entire camp. The majority of this team's time is spent in prayer, interceding for the teens and young adults throughout each day. They take individual prayer requests as well as praying for each session of camp.

Based off of your knowledge of the applicant, which team best fits with the applicant?
Is there anything else about the applicant that you think we should be aware of as we pray about their placement on a service team?
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