Körjournal DBus
Before you start driving:
double check that everything is in order (see below), if not send an email to dbus@dtek.se.

After driving:
send in the form.

THE EMAIL-adress should be the one you want the invoice to be sent to.

Email address *
Checks before driving
Double check so that the following is correct, if not send an email to dbus@dtek.se explaining what is wrong. It's recommended to send an image as proof. If we don't recieve an email we will charge you accordingly to the information given here.

Meter indication: 133890
The tyres airpressure is ok
The tank is more than half full
No trash in the bus
No spilled liquids
Visible and valid parking ticket
The bus is probably parked: Outside "NC" (Idéläran)
After driving
Meter indication *
Your answer
Pick up time *
Number of rented hours *
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Checks after driving *
Name of the Booker *
Committés writes the name of the committé if you're driving for one. Otherwise your name.
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Name of the driver
If the booker isn't a person or the booker and driver isn't the same person.
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Drove as... *
Invoice (faktura) message
Mandatory for committées under the computer division.
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Where did you park the bus? *
"Other" only if the other places are full, or if discussed with dBus.
Other comments
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