Spokes For qathet

Spokes for qathet (S4q) is a project of Bike Lund.
With funding from First Credit Union and the United Way’s Community Response Fund, S4q will provide 20 free bicycles to low-income individuals living in the qRD to meet their transportation needs during Covid-19. These bikes will be refurbished using new and used parts by volunteers and distributed to people in need with the help of community partners.
Eligibility (all of the following must apply to be eligible)
What area do you live in?
Phone Number or Email Address
Can you get picture by text messages or by email? (to send an image of a bike to you)
Clear selection
Second Contact (If we can’t reach you by primary contact):
Please tell us a bit about why you could use a bike:
Do you have any concerns about having a bike? If so, what are they? (Maybe we can help?)
Rate what’s most important to you about a bike from 1-6:
Fenders and a bike rack
Lots of gears
Type of bike (mountain, road, etc.)
Easy to work on myself and / or I am involved in building it if possible
Lightweight/ easy to bring up and down stairs
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Preferred type of bike
If we are able to get you a bike, is there anything else that’s important for you about the bike?
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