Assemble's Space Rental Request
Hello! Thanks for your interest in renting Assemble's space for your upcoming event!

The cost to rent Assemble for 3 hours includes tables and chairs, access to a projector, laptops, wifi, and an Assemble staff person who will help with set-up and clean-up.

Space Rental Fees:
- For all private events or events that charge admission, we ask for $150 for 3 hours.
(baby showers, birthday parties, corporate meetings, and shows)

For events organized by nonprofits or collectives, we ask for a $75 fee for 3 hours.
(poetry readings, workshops, potlucks, etc.)

- For events organized by Garfield residents, we ask for $50 for 3 hours

If you are interested in having Assemble present and lead an activity at your event, we ask for an additional $50.

For events longer than 3 hours, there is an extra charge of $25/hr.

Read more about our space rental on our website at

Please fill out the form below so that we can get a little more information about your event.

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