cyberpunkdreams // testing group application
Fill out this form to apply to join the cyberpunkdreams in-game testing group. Please note the following conditions, however.

- Applying to join does not guarantee you access, and we reserve the right to withdraw access at any time.
- If you don't get access straight away, we'll keep you on a waiting list.
- Being part of the group does not guarantee that you'll see any or all new content before it's launched.
- In order to join, you have to be a member of our Discord server. This is where we'll share info on new test content and ask for feedback and reports.
- Group membership is purely voluntary and doesn't come with any material benefits. You can also ask to be removed at any time.
- By being a part of the group, you agree not to share or discuss any test content outside of the Discord testing group channels.
- Group membership also requires active participation, in terms of sending bug reports and feedback about the content that you're testing.
- Note that testing content will almost certainly be buggy: that's the point!
- Note that not all content you see as a part of testing will necessarily make it into the public game.

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