Student Questionnaire on Group Work
We would really appreciate it if you could take the time to fill out this questionnaire. It is hoped that the information gathered will help identify the success and benefits that group work can provide to the overall improvement of teaching and learning. The information we gather is completely anonymous. We value your opinion and thank you in advance for your time and honesty.
1. Have you been taught how to work with other students in a group? *
2. Do you have opportunities to work with others in lessons on a regular basis?
3. When you are placed in groups are you generally assigned specific roles in the group?
4. Tick which of the following statements best reflects your experience of group work in lessons
5. When group work really helps your learning describe how it is organised by the teacher?
Your answer
6. Do you like/dislike working as part of a group within lessons? Please give a reason for your answer.
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