Mount Stewart Community Park Survey
Mount Stewart is in the early stages of planning for some improvements to the Joe MacLeod Community Park to better serve our residents. We would like your input.
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Do you live, work, or go to school in Mount Stewart? (Check all that apply)
How long have you lived in the community?
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What is your age?
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How many people currently live in your household?
Counting yourself, are there people in your household who are:
4 or more
Under age 5
Ages 5 - 9
Ages 10 - 14
Ages 15 - 19
Ages 20 - 24
Ages 25 - 34
Ages 35 - 44
Ages 45 - 54
Ages 55 - 64
Ages 65 - 74
More than age 75
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From the list of trails and recreation spaces in the community, please check ALL of the resources you or someone in your household has used in the past year.
How often do you participate in recreation activities in Mount Stewart or elsewhere? For each activity in which you participate, please select the response that most closely represents how often you participate when the activity is in season.
Daily or almost daily
Once a week or more
1 - 2 times per month
Less than 5 times per year
I would normally do this activity regularly but have not because of COVID
Boating (non-motorized - canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboard etc.)
Concerts (attend)
Bicycling (for fun)
Playground (visit/play)
Hockey / Street Hockey
Arts and crafts
Fairs and festivals
Nature walks (wildlife watching, bird watching, plant identification, or for fun)
Walking (for pleaseure)
Group fitness classes
Gym / Fitness Centre workout (weight / strength training)
Dog walking
Splash pads
Skating (for pleasure)
Seniors Club Events
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The following are actions that the Community of Mount Stewart could take in the future to enhance the parks and trails in the community. How supportive are you of each of these actions.
Very supportive
Somewhat supportive
Not sure
Not supportive
Picnic tables and barbeque pit areas
Splash pad
Outdoor skating rink
Basketball nets
Hockey nets (for street and/or ice hockey)
Interactive trail that would incorporate Mount Stewart's history
Self-Guided Walking Tour
More river access for boating
Community gardens
Playground in Joe MacLeod Park
Frisbee golf
Outdoor fitness/exercise equipment stations
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What other amenities would you like to see in Joe MacLeod Park?
Is there anything else that you would like us to know?
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