CFP: [dis]memory, [mis]representation & [re]figuring the archival lens: A Symposium on Visual and Visualizing Archives
**DEADLINE EXTENDED: Applications are due by November 20, 2017**
(Submitters will be notified about acceptance by November 29)

Cultural, institutional, familial, and individual memories and the traces through which they are captured are temporally, spatially, technologically and experientially contingent. Archival representations of these traces, regardless of their form or media, shape and mediate how they are experienced and understood and can diminish or highlight contingent aspects. Applying a critical lens to these representations is an essential component of ensuring archival reflexivity, accountability and responsiveness as well as of assessing, challenging and potentially refiguring those representations and their authority. Those who use archives create additional, alternative and derivative representations.

Focusing particularly on visual, visual aspects and visualization of archival materials, this one-day symposium will bring together individuals from a range of academic, artistic, activist, practice and other backgrounds whose work seeks to explore, reimagine and emancipate representation, and to elevate voices and agency of those whose memories and traces are captured in archives.

We are seeking proposals for 15 minute panel presentations (e.g., papers, project overviews, productions) and posters (that will be displayed during symposium) that address critical questions that relate to representation and visual or visualizing archives and that might fit under one of the following rubrics:

1. [dis]memory: Counteracting remembering and forgetting
2. [mis]representation: Considerations of inaccuracies, multiplicities, duplicities and power in portrayals
3. [re]figuring: Reworking, expanding, and reimagining archival foci and futures
4. [real]izing: Grounding responsibilities and accountabilities for archival practices and approaches

Please contact Anne Gilliland ( with any questions.

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