Mortar Board Application - 106th Class
This is your official application to join the 106th class of Mortar Board, the Mabel G. Freeman chapter, at Ohio State. Thank you for your time and interest in this amazing opportunity.

All applications are due by Friday, January 18, 2019 at 11:59 PM. No applications will be accepted after this time!

Please write N/A in any field that does not apply to you.

Basic Candidate Information
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This contact information will be used to send invitations to your parents/guardians for the induction ceremony.
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Academic Information
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Must be after Summer 2019 to qualify
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Spring 2019 Semester Schedule *
For each class, please provide your 1. Class Title 2. Class Number 3. Section Number. Please follow the format below EXACTLY.
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Example Text
English 1110.01; CN: 18566; SN: 0020

Biology 1101; CN: 15495; SN: 0100

If you are accepted into Mortar Board, we will read a short biography about you during the induction ceremony. Please write a paragraph description of your college achievements. Write this paragraph in the third person. This biography is to be a maximum of 100 words and can include, but is not limited to:
• Major and minor
• Any academic achievements, scholarships, extracurricular, and service activities
• Any post-graduation plans
Biography *
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*From this point on, please do not use your name in the essay or resume portion of the application.
Leadership *
Explain how a community (student organization, volunteer group, co-workers, etc.) has helped you learn what it means to be a leader. (250 Words Max)
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Service *
Describe the most significant service activity in which you have been involved. (250 Words Max)
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Scholarship *
You have the opportunity to create a seven-week course about a topic that more Ohio State students should understand. What is the topic and why is it important to you? (250 Words Max)
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Ingenuity *
Mortar Board has a tradition of holding a Last Lecture series where prominent campus and community members deliver a lecture as if it were the last of their life. If you had to give a "last lecture", what would you talk about and why? Summarize your lecture in 250 Words Max.
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Academic Achievements *
List your most significant academic achievements (up to 5). Please press enter between each.
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Volunteer Experience *
List your most significant volunteer achievements and their time commitments (up to 5). Please include: 1. Start Date 2. End Date 3. Hours Per Week 4. Weeks Per Year, following the format below EXACTLY.
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Volunteer Example Text
Columbus City Schools - Reading Buddies
ST: August 2013; ED: June 2014; HPW: 1; WPY: 45

Columbus Soup Kitchen
ST: March 2014; ED: March 2014; HPW: 6; WPY: 1

Leadership Experience *
List your most significant leadership experiences and their time commitments (up to 10). Please include: 1. Start Date 2. End Date 3. Hours Per Week 4. Weeks Per Year following the format below EXACTLY.
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Leadership Example Text
Brutus Buckeye Club - Treasurer
ST: January 2013; ED: N/A; HPW: 2; WPY: 30

Graeter's - Team Manager
ST: July 2012; ED: August 2014; HPW: 20; WPY: 52

Letter of Recommendation
Choose one person to write a meaningful recommendation letter as part of your application. The recommender must be someone from your Ohio State academic life (a faculty member) or professional life (a supervisor/advisor) that is well acquainted with your academic program, scholastic ability, or professional performance. The letter will be evaluated based on the recommender’s assessment of your initiative, intelligence, strong work habits, and other indicators of potential success in Mortar Board. Every reference writer MUST supply a telephone number and e-mail address. Please inform your recommender that your name should not be used in the body of the letter.

Send your recommender this link, which they will use to submit the letter:

Reminder: Your application will not be considered if this letter of recommendation is not sent prior to Friday, January 18th.

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