Library Partners Press Terms of Agreement (Updated 2019)
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Date of This Agreement *
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The Publisher *
aka, the "Publisher" in this agreement
Project Author Name *
aka, the "Author" in this agreement
Document Name *
aka, the "Document" (or book title) in this agreement
Preferred or expected publication date of the Document *
Representations and Warranties *
The Author warrants that this Document is original, created by the Author, and that the Author has legal authority to grant the rights in this agreement. The Author represents and warrants that the Author is and remains the post-publication copyright holder of the Document. The Author represents that the Document is free and clear of any charges of copyright infringement or any other charges, including libel, and that the Document does not infringe upon any rights, including proprietary, statutory law or common law. The Author releases the Publisher from any responsibilities, fees or legal charges relating to any legal actions, including charges of plagiarism, incurred by the contents of the Document or by the actions of the Author.
Copyright *
The Author and the Publisher represent and warrant that the Author is and remains the pre- and post-publication Copyright holder of the Document.
Grants *
The Author grants the Publisher the right to publish the Document in electronic and/or print formats, as well as grants the following: The Publisher’s right to distribute and promote the Document via Wake Forest University’s digital publishing platforms (e.g, Biblioboard, WakeSpace) and/or Library Partners Press' print-on-demand platforms (e.g., Amazon's KDP, Ingram's Spark, and others), and/or the ZSR Library's Archives and institutional repositories. The Publisher’s non-exclusive right to promote and publish the Document  for a period  of  at least  one  year  from the date of  this  signed  agreement. The Author’s right to enter another non-exclusive agreement with the Publisher for continued or abbreviated publication rights to the Document on terms to be mutually agreed upon, once or before the existing agreement term has ended.  The Publisher’s right to use the Author's name and image (provided by Author) in all marketing or promotion efforts, both in print and online.
Delivery, Editing, and other Rights *
The Author agrees to deliver the Document in its final revised form, abiding by formatting guidelines set by Publisher. If, in the opinion of the Publisher, the Document’s format is unsatisfactory or un-useable, the Publisher may return the Document to the Author for re-formatting. The Publisher and the Author agree to edit the Document ’s electronic format and layout and pagination ad hoc, including changes, deletions, and additions, to the text, abstract, table-of-contents, cover, and other metadata. The Author may pursue other (electronic or print) rights not covered by this agreement for this Document at any time. If another publishing contract is obtained or desired by the Author, the Author will notify the Publisher and the Document may be unpublished.                    
Document Prices *
The Author and the Publisher agree that the Author will determine the Document’s for-sale price, within the Publisher’s  preferred per-Document price parameters of $0.00-$100.
Sales and Royalty Reporting *
The Author and the Publisher agree that the Publisher will issue annual sales reports, consisting of the number of Documents sold and all royalties earned, across all print-on-demand and ebook platforms. The Publisher will issue these reports in January, citing the previous calendar year's figures. (The Publisher will also provide ad-hoc sales reporting, upon request.)  
Royalties and Payments (under $100) *
The Publisher and Author agree that Wake Forest University will assess a Document "hosting fee" consisting of 100% (one hundred percent) of any and all sales/royalties or revenue generated which accumulate to under $100 during the royalty reporting period.
Author Preference with Regard to Deferred Royalties (under $100) *
The Author may choose to defer any and all earned royalties for this Document to Wake Forest University in the event that accumulations of said royalties amount to under $100 during the reporting period, or the Author may in lieu of deferral choose to receive copies of the Document, valued at roughly the same dollar amount as the otherwise under-$100 deferral. (This option may be changed at the Author's discretion upon issuance of the Publisher's annual royalty report.)
Royalties and Payments (over $100) *
The Author and Publisher agree that the Publisher will distribute 100% of the Document's sales-generated royalties back to the Author for any and all royalty accumulations of over $100 in the royalty period.
Author Preference with Regard to Payments (over $100) *
The Author may choose whether to defer, or receive as US dollars, or receive in the form of copies of books equivalent in value to any and all earned royalties earned over $100 during the current reporting period. (This option may be changed at the Author's discretion upon issuance of the Publisher's annual royalty report.)
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