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With the rise of social media people, and especially parents, are justifiably sensitive to how images of them and their children are used. We are too. We try to balance this with the fact that we are a small non-profit that both prizes authenticity and keeping our programs financially accessible. So rather than using images from professional marketing photoshoots in our outreach materials we prefer tasteful & relevant pictures of participants taken by VWS instructors & staff. Do you consent to images of you and/or your child/children being used in our outreach materials? Saying "yes" really helps us keeps our prices lower (because we don't have to spend more on marketing) and helps us tell our story so we deeply appreciate it, but you are always welcome to say "no." Visit this webpage for more information:
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The Vermont Wilderness School's Great Blue Heron Fund provides tuition reductions for this and other VWS programs. The average scholarship rate we offer is 20-30% off the low end of the sliding scale. Scholarship requests are due April 20, but the earlier you make your request the better. We will reply within no later than April 27th.
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