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(Is it a themed day? Anniversary of a premiere? Honorary day a video game was released? A creator/author's birthday? A Character's Birthday?
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Does it take place on an annual basis, such as the exact same calendar date every year? Or does that annual date change? Be sure to specify in the "Other" field what date the event falls on (such as the second Saturday in ______ month, or the first Sunday in ______ month.)
What is the Fandom, Book Series, Movie or Field of Hobby for the Event?
If this is an originally created event, is there are point of contact? Or a site to obtain more information? Please leave their social media handle or website information below.
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Please understand that although I will try to include as many dates and events as possible, respectfully, this form is not the place to submit ideas or request an originally created event. I am only gathering the information for existing/planned events to be hosted in a centralized place and unable to take on the task of creating new events. Thank you for your understanding.
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