Equity Mates Listener Survey - 2021
Equity Mates is the #1 investing community in Australia. We're full of everyday investors that want to better understand the world of money and finance. To keep giving you the best content possible, we need your help. We want to know what you want more of (and less of) and where we should focus our energy to keep growing.

The Equity Mates community gets more valuable as it gets bigger. We have more people sharing ideas, can get better guests and can create more shows that help break down the world of investing. Giving your time to do this survey is how you can help us grow.

Hopefully, with your help, Equity Mates can be the #1 investing community in the world!

To thank you for your time in filling out this survey, we are offering a prize of $500 for one Equity Mate (hopefully you use it for investing). To be eligible, complete all questions and leave your email in the final question of the survey.

This survey can be completed anonymously, and all answers will be kept in accordance with the Equity Mates privacy policy.
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