October Study Edge Scholar of the Month
Each month of this semester, 2 members of the Panhellenic community will be chosen by the Scholarship Director for a FREE month of a Study Edge gold membership and $100 provided by Study Edge!

We are looking for women who are doing well in their classes so far, has crushed it on an exam/project/essay, or maybe someone who has recently improved their GPA or could really utilize the free study edge scholarship. This form is due October 23rd at 5pm and the winners will be contacted via email on the 26th.
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Grade (By year, not by credits) *
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Please describe, with detail, why you feel you deserve to be Study Edge Scholar of the Month and how this scholarship would benefit you. (2000 character limit) *
Describe a time you faced an academic obstacle and overcame it and what advice would you give to someone going through a similar situation? (2000 character limit) *
Please send proof of the course you are taking in which you use Study Edge and any screenshots of your grades/test scores in those courses by the deadline (9/25/20) to scholarshipufpanhellenic@gmail.com *
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