Landmark the Port Morris Gantries
I support the campaign to Landmark the Port Morris Gantries.

The Port Morris Gantries are a noble pair of maritime structures nearly four stories in height standing sentinel athwart the rich nautical heritage of New York City poised on the shoreline of the East River in the South Bronx near 134th Street and framed by the proposed Greenway path along Locust Avenue inland.

“The successful preservation of similar structures shows how such historic icons can inspire new uses of the waterfront. The New York Central Railroad's 69th Street Transfer Bridge (1911, National Register) in Manhattan's Riverside Park South, is currently undergoing restoration [now completed] and provides a dramatic backdrop to the nearby bikeway and busy Pier I Cafe. The well-known 1925 transfer bridges built by the Long Island Rail Road in Long Island City now constitute the centerpiece of Gantry Plaza State Park. …

Although the Port Morris Ferry Bridges are similar in form to earlier industrial waterfront bridges in New York, the previously mentioned structures were built primarily as transfer bridges by railroads for freight operations at the turn of the twentieth. In contrast, the 134th Street Ferry Bridges were constructed exclusively for ferry operations and institutional uses. They were built at a key time in history, after World War II and during the era of the automobile. At the time, the increasing institutional, worker, and veteran populations on Rikers and North Brother Islands relied solely on ferry services to connect them to the rest of the city. Thus, the newer and more robust Port Morris ferry bridges were necessary in order to accommodate large ferries transporting automobiles before the arrival of automobile bridges to these islands. Their preservation provides a more comprehensive understanding of maritime transportation throughout twentieth century New York City.”

It must be noted with great disappointment that there are only nine individual landmarks in all of Community Board #1 in the Bronx and the last one was designated over 7 years ago in 2012.

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