Conrad Developments Tennant Application
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Do you understand that omitting or providing false information on your application will immediately disqualify you and/or serve as grounds for eviction? *
Primary Applicant Name *
Primary Applicant Drivers License # *
Primary Applicant Date Of Birth *
Primary Applicant Phone Number *
Primary Applicant Employer, Job Title, & how long you have held a position with this employer *
Primary Applicant Monthly Average Gross Income *
Primary Applicant Make, Model, Year of Vehicle & License Plate *
Secondary Applicant Name - Optional
Secondary Applicant Drivers License #
Secondary Applicant Date of Birth
Secondary Applicant Phone Number
Secondary  Applicant Employer, Job Title, & how long you have held a position with this employer
Secondary Applicant Average Monthly Gross Income
List Name, Age, and Relationship for any other who will regularly occupy the property or state 'none':
Provide a minimum of 3year residence history: Include the Address including City and State, how long you were there & the Landlord name and phone number for each *
Do you agree to NO SMOKING inside the unit policy including guests? *
Do you understand that no pets are allowed even on a temporary basis without prior landlord written approval? *
Do you understand that allowing individuals other than those listed on the lease to reside at the property for more than 14 days without written approval by the landlord is grounds for eviction?  *
Have you ever been evicted or received an eviction notice? *
Have you ever broken a lease or been asked to move before the end of your lease?  *
Have you ever left a lease with monies still owed?  *
If you answered yes to any of the prior 3 questions please explain the circumstance and provide the approximate month and year.
Has either applicant ever been charged with a felony? If yes please provide details of the charge and the related dates otherwise respond 'no'.   *
Have you declared Bankruptcy within the last 10 years? *
List any criminal convictions (excluding moving violations) within the last 10 years or state 'none': *
List at least 2 individuals to provide credit or personal references including their name, relationship to you, and phone number *

I, the undersigned applicant, certify that the answers I have given in this application are true and correct.  I certify that I am over 18 years of age at the time of this application signing.  I authorize and consent to the release of any information the landlord may need to obtain a credit report or any other report necessary to verify the accuracy of my application or to determine my eligibility. I understand that the $30 application fee is not a guarantee of acceptance and is non-refundable.  I understand that if any part of my application has been falsified, it shall be grounds for denial of residency, or future eviction if discovered after moving into a property.  I understand that a home will continue to be offered for lease until I have paid a deposit to hold the home for my move in. (type your name below to acknowledge) 

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