SMUSH Moves, Vol. 9 (12/12/19) - Application
Perform at SMUSH Moves, Vol. 9, an up-close-and-personal evening of dance and performance hosted by SMUSH Gallery in Jersey City!

Thursday, December 12, 2019
Time commitment for performers: 6:30-9:45p
Performance: 8:00p
Location: 340 Summit Ave, Jersey City (10 minutes' walk from the Journal Square PATH station)

SMUSH Moves - Know Before You Apply:
- this event is for dance and other movement-based performance (broad interpretations welcome!)
- $10 application fee, no production fee
- 10 minutes max preferred
- Venue is small (9''x16' performance space, 3/4 thrust style) and low tech (very limited theatrical lighting) - please plan accordingly
- Performers and choreographers are kindly asked to stay for the entire performance and the beginning of the reception
- Documentary video may be purchased for appx. $35 per piece
- SMUSH Gallery may also take informal photographs or short videos of the performance; these will be shared with performers
- Applications are accepted through October 27; notification will be given by November 2.
- questions may be directed to Katelyn (

Thank you for applying!
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Describe your performance! Title? New or existing? Dance or something else? Improvised or set material? Narrative or abstract? Tone, images, driving questions? What excites you about the work? (Note: We use your description both to evaluate your work and, if selected, to promote it. Use language you don't mind us re-using, or make a note of what's not ok to share! <3) *
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Outline your technical needs, including sound, props, etc. (Note: venue is low tech - very limited theatrical lighting) *
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Performers with other art practices (visual art, music, clothing, craft, etc.) or merchandise are invited to sell items at SMUSH Moves. If you are interested in this option, please describe what you would like to sell.
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Please list any upcoming performances by you/your company.
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I confirm that I am available Thursday, December 12, 2019 from 6:30-9:45p, and I understand that SMUSH kindly asks performers and choreographers to stay for the entire event, including all performances and the beginning of the reception. *
I have/will shortly send my $10 application fee via PayPal to, AND I will put choreographer/company name + SMUSH Moves Vol. 9 in the note field. I understand that my application will be considered once I've made my payment. *
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