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ProphecyRP is a serious roleplay server, based on story telling, roleplay over rule play depending on situations. We are not a pvp roleplay based server and applicants should remember this when applying.

When applying for ProphecyRP bear in mind the type of server we are - we are a serious roleplay server that gives its members the chance to tell awesome stories, we look for creativity, originality, characters with a good solid backstory and players who have the ability to adapt to roleplay and develop their characters as they roam the server.

Please take the time to read the rules carefully, they are there for a reason, to provide a place to bring your stories to life with other like minded roleplayers.

Character stories - be original, military backgrounds unless exceptional and well thought out will not be accepted, its stale, generic and often not told well.
We do not want generic bandits that hold people up because they can, we do not want generic heroes that save people because they can.
You dont have to make a character thats complicated, have a backstory and then grow that character organically as you meet other players, dont be focused on what or who your character is, dont plan to have an end let it happen naturally.

We want stories that make sense, roleplayers who stick true to their characters, roleplayers that think outside the box, who are willing to develop themselves as well as help develop other members of Prophecy.

You do not need to be experienced to play here, or even have played hundreds of hours in DayZ, its all about the imagination and using the immersive backdrop that is the great game DayZ.
ProphecyRP has a Roleplay school where the team or other members will help you learn the mechanics of the game and the fundamentals of roleplay, experienced or new its open to all - none of us here know it all.There are many types of roleplay BUT together we help each other develop as roleplayers and learn new skills, new ideas, suggestions etc.

Dont rush the application, take your time, be original, read the questions carefully.

ProphecyRP is also a community, with zero tolerance to toxicity, we help each other whether it is in game or in real life, its a place to call home, to meet new people, hang out and forget real life. Everyone here is treated as an equal, treated the way others would like to be treated whether its the admins or the members, we all expect the same back.

We have a rule set here that is put in place to improve role play, role play over rule play however we implement new ideas to help players THINK about their characters, stay true to their characters, make people think outside the box, look past the rule and see the reason for it.

Any questions pop into Teamspeak we are always there to help out.

Good luck, looking forward to seeing you out there

Your personal information will only be used for ProphecyRP and will not be used or shared with any other person or third party.

Keep in mind that you will be notified by email if you have been accepted or denied.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to save the data should you be unsuccessful and need to re-apply.

You will receive an email within 2-3 days of applying check your junk email

Good Luck

The ProphecyRP Team.
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