A quick survey: Finding Housing in the North Country
High Peaks Democratic Socialists of America (HPDSA) is collecting information on local residents’ experiences with housing and rentals. We believe that everyone has a right to safe, affordable housing and we would like to know what challenges and issues residents are currently facing with housing. The results of this survey will be kept anonymous and used as we try to find solutions to the challenges we face. If you choose to include your name and contact information it will be kept anonymous and only used by HPDSA to reach out to you if we have follow-up questions.

The survey should take about 5 minutes.
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Do you rent or own a home? *
How many people live in your household
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How many bedrooms are in your household?
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Who is your landlord, or who is your mortgage lender?
Based on your personal preferences, which of the following living situations do you find suitable given your housing needs? (Check all that apply)
Given the fact that many of the buildings in Saranac Lake are older, which resources do you have necessary to make renovations?
Have you been personally affected by the increase in short-term rentals (AirBnBs,etc.)?
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If you answered "yes" please explain.
Renters: Does your rent include the following:
Renters: Please indicate how much you pay in rent each month.
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Has it been difficult for you to find or pay for housing in this area? Are you having trouble paying your rent or mortgage? *
Has your rent gone up? If so, please indicate how much over any given time period.
Are you worried about how your home or apartment may affect your health? (This could be from lead, smoke, access to heat, stress, water, mold, a difficult landlord, racism, or more). *
If yes, can you explain why or give examples?
Did any of the following issues make it harder for you to find stable housing before the Covid-19 pandemic began? (check all that apply)
Have any of the following issues made it harder to find stable housing during the Covid-19 pandemic? (check all that apply)
Have you applied for, or asked for help, from any organization or agency in finding safe and affordable housing while living in this area? *
If yes, were your needs met? Feel free to share the name of the organization or agency if you're comfortable doing so.
Have you ever had to move because of housing costs, unfair landlord behavior, or unsafe living conditions? *
Have you been discriminated against when trying to rent or find a place to live because of your race, immigration status, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or another reason? *
What do you think is the biggest challenge to finding stable housing in New York State?
How have you been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic? (check all that apply)
Would you be interested in joining a tenant's union?
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Would you be interested in joining a resident's union?
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(Optional) Name:
(Optional) phone number:
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(Optional) current address:
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