Girls Rock! Chicago Workshop Track Proposal Form 2018
Thank you for your interest in coordinating a workshop track at Girls Rock! Chicago! Workshops are one of the key pieces of curriculum that we offer, and they are a special opportunity to explore a wide variety of topics such as:
Sound & recording
Music Video
Media Literacy
Youth activism
and more!

This year, our campers aged 12-16 will be able to choose a track of workshops, or themed series. This is an application to propose a track for which you would be the Track Coordinator.

Girls Rock! Camp Session 1: July 9th - July 15th, 2018
Girls Rock! Camp Session 2: August 6th - August 12th, 2018

At Girls Rock! Camp this year, some workshops will take place in tracks, a series of workshops that center around 1 theme. A track can be structured like a 4 part series of workshops which you yourself facilitate for the hour each day, OR like a series of 4 different workshops that center around a theme that are taught by different facilitators. This means you are responsible for scheduling a workshop every day, Monday-Thursday. We have a few ideas in mind of tracks that we'd like to happen at camp, but we also have room for your creative and brilliant ideas! Let us know your thoughts! All workshop blocks are 1 hour long.

CORE TRACK MORNING for all campers -
TIMES: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday of camp from 9:30 - 10:30 am
*one session per day in the morning
• This track covers the fundamentals of Girls Rock! Camp: Songwriting, Music History, Live performance, and T-shirts are some of our Core Track Staples:
CORE TRACK AFTERNOON for all campers ages 8-11 -
TIMES: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday of camp from 3-4:30 pm
*one session per day in the afternoon.
• This track is all about the other stuff that makes being in a band amazing and transformative. You might include workshops such as band art (button making + poster making), stage presence, movement, and more!

TIMES: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday of camp 1- 4:30 pm
IN-DEPTH TRACKS: to be proposed by YOU, for some campers ages 12-16
*one session per day in the afternoon

We'd love YOUR thoughts on what kind of in-depth, transformative curriculum older campers can take part in this summer! Here are a few examples of tracks that other rock camps have done, and that we've been thinking about:

Sound Exploration Lab
Graphic Memoir Making
Movement and Body Care
Art and Activism

If you would like to propose an INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOP, and not an entire track, please submit your individual workshop idea HERE:

• Design a clear concept for the track, and create & facilitate curriculum for the 4 sessions, OR recruit other facilitators to lead sessions around that concept.
• Check in regularly with GR!C staff in preparation for & execution of the track.
• Work with any outside facilitators on their curriculum, offer logistical, programmatic and facilitation support where needed.
• If applicable, be in communication with folks who have proposed individual workshops that may fit into your track.
• Ideally, attend the workshop track at camp and support GR!C staff with meeting on-the-ground material and logistical needs for the workshops.
• Be open to and encourage feedback and collaboration from other volunteers and GR!C staff.

Please answer the questions below in as much detail as possible. We'll be in touch on a rolling basis as you submit your application, but the deadline is Friday, June 22nd 2018.

Thanks in advance for your hard work and genius! If you have any questions at all, please email us at

Track Coordinator Information
We need your info!
Your Name
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Your Gender Pronouns
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Your Phone Number
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Your Email Address
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Organizational Affiliation (If any)
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Proposed Co-Coordinator Name (If applicable!)
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Co-Coordinator Gender Pronouns:
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Co-Coordinator Phone
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Co-Coordinator Email
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Track Proposal Information
This is a proposal form for In-Depth Tracks, to be proposed by YOU, for some campers ages 12-16, one session per day between 1:30-4:30pm (we can work with your schedule within reason!).

Even if you just have some preliminary thoughts, we can think through it with you.

If you are interested in submitting a workshop proposal for just ONE workshop, please use THIS form:

Which session would you like to present this track at? (marking both is more than welcome!)
Track Description
Proposed Track Title
Please note: If your track is chosen for any of the camp sessions, the name of your track will be used in our all of our printed materials. Choose a descriptive, catchy and creative name!
Your answer
Brief Description of Track
3 - 5 sentences. This blurb will also be included in camp materials if your track is selected.
Your answer
Tell us a little bit about yourself and the familiarity with the proposed track topic
Your answer
Track Goals and Content
What are the main goals of your track?
Your answer
How do the goals of your track fit with the mission of Girls Rock! Chicago?
How do you plan to incorporate an anti-oppression and social justice framework into your workshop?
Your answer
Lesson Plan
Please provide, with as much detail as you have prepared, a description of what you intend to cover and which sessions and activities you plan to include in your track. We'd also love to know if you have outside facilitators in mind, and if so, who? It's okay if this is still being developed. A NOTE ABOUT OUR CAMPERS: GR!C campers come from a wide variety of experiences and are 8-16 years old. Campers are girl-identified (transgender or cisgender) and/or gender non-conforming and/or trans-identified. The majority of campers are from the city of Chicago, with a few traveling from out of town to attend a camp session. More than half of the youth are utilizing our sliding scale structure to attend. And campers who attend have different body types, mobility, learning styles and access needs. ALL of the campers are amazing.
Your answer
We hope that all workshops will be highly accessible to all GR!C campers. Campers have varying learning styles, differing abilities (physical and mental), and different cultural realities. How do you plan to structure and/or modify the track so that it is most accessible to many youth?
We're excited to offer tips & advice on making your track and its workshops most accessible to youth with varying needs!
Your answer
Supplies needed for the track:
If you already know the supplies and needs you have for this workshop, please list them here, as well as whether you will be providing them yourself or if you will need camp to provide them. Please be as specific as possible!
Your answer
If you know now, let us know if you will need A/V? Laptop? Providing your own? Tables? Chairs? Be as specific as possible.
Your answer
Thank you!
We will be in touch with you very soon about your track. Thanks for all of your hard work to make GR!C the best it can be!
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