Peer Support Network Volunteer Interest Form
The members of the Peer Support Network as well as designated BGS and CAPS counselors will always be available for support and guidance. Please email with questions and concerns.

One-on-One Peer Mentor:
Through online submission of support requests, peers seeking help will be connected to you for individual communication through video platforms, email or text/calling.

Group Session Support:
As a part of a team, you will organize regular town hall style group meetings, collaboratively with CAPS or independently organized by the Peer Support Network.
Town halls will be themed (e.g. “Know your rights”, “Mindfulness during research resumption”, “Communicating with your mentor”). You will help develop an agenda and pick case studies/exercises for students to discuss. Members of this team are asked to rotate to host group sessions in pairs.
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Approximately how many hours/week would you be available to commit to this volunteer position?
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