SA Magic City Small Batch
What's up?!

SA Magic is a set I posted a few months ago and just didn't get enough interest to feel comfortable running an actual group buy. But many have asked and Otanishock convinced me to resurrect it.

This form is basically going to act as a commitment to buy SA Magic City, but without purchasing just yet.
I don't normally do things this way, but I would like to see how many people want to purchase so that the first purchase is the correct price and no refunds are needed. So please do not fill this out if you do not want to purchase.

After everyone fills the form out, I will then invoice everyone to purchase.

There will only be one kit with decent compatibility to keep the price lower. Im kind of personally placing an MOQ of 75 on this.

Once again, only fill this out if you are interesting in actually buying SA Magic City. The purchasing will probably actually take place at the beginning of June. So this isn't an immediate thing. This is just a commitment to purchase.

See more photos at
^ Some legends and colors are slightly wrong in the renders, but the stock colors are listed and the base kit shows the legends that come in the kit.
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